The following people are the “Heroes” of my ability to see this seafaring blog come to reality. Without them, this undertaking would not have been possible. So, without further adieu, allow me to tell you about…

Jules Verne – Monsieur Verne has to be my first hero. Like so many other “children” who explored worlds beyond our imaginations, you offered springboards to events, times and places scarcely considered by a generation a mere half-century ago and beyond.

Milton Shupe – The creator of the beautiful “HMS Bounty” which is the centerpiece of my inspiration for this blog and a subsequent writing project. Decades before the Bounty, Mr. Shupe generously shared many extraordinary aircraft model contributions with the flight simulation community. Thousands of hours and efforts him, Rob (below) and others(?) gave to push the boundaries of Microsoft Flight Simulator has crafted a tall ship that works! A modeled square-rigged sailing vessel actually powered by virtual winds filling virtual sails.

Rob Barendregt – Mr. Barendregt engineered the behind-the-scenes flight simulation programming to bring the HMS Bounty to be a vital and tangible vehicle of virtual seas! Your willingness to consider and implement reasonable requests will always hold a grateful place.

Mark Beaumont & Dave Bitzer – The creators of the aviation “Bubble Sextant” and other flight simulation enhancements offered an escape from the GPS-centric mentality. An escape complimented by a return to a more natural and skill-crafted regimen. I wonder if either of the two of them ever thought their navigation handiwork would provide a tool for virtual mariners? Well, it has and has done so admirably. Their Bubble Sextant is the third side of my isosceles project. The Microsoft virtual world and the Bounty being the other two.

Kronzky – His enhancements to the Bitzer/Beaumont sextant deserves a nod of recognition for the added reality his work infused in the navigation tool.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Programmers and Artists – What can I say? The diverse teams provided the foundational platform in bringing Flight Simulator from the initial Ver. 1 where “day” was black lines on a white monochrome screen and “night” was white lines on a background of black to the incredible technicolor experience of FSX (Ver. 10). Without their collective efforts, the developers and artists above would never have been able to bring to reality such marvelous high-fidelity creations.


A considerable debt of heartfelt requital to all of those above and others who have produced the present and many past reality-fed imagination fodders. In doing this, they have billowed the sails of imaginations and offered an old man the chance to return to boyhood swashbuckling and far-flung dreams only found in true mariner hearts whether they ever go to sea or not.

Thank you.

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