Welcome to Captain Codetrucker’s Virtual Voyages!

Ahoy Mates!

Follow my paths through the virtual oceans and seas sailing on a true wind-propelled Microsoft FS9/FSX model a tall ship of mutiny fame. Be sure to read about the “Heroes.” Without their contributions to the flight (and now sailing) simulation hobby this blog would never have come to fruition.

I love sailing, and I am glad you decided to join me for these aquatic, albeit simulated adventures, but then again maybe not. You see, while my sailing will be on a simulated tall ship, driven by simulated winds through simulated oceans navigating with a simulated sextant, I will nevertheless be “sailing” and using the sextant to navigate as I would in real life if I was doing this in real life. The beautiful reality is I have trialed and proven the modeled sextant, modeled ship and modeled world. Nothing simulated is perfect, but my experience with these simulations are “real” enough to take me away in a Suspension Of Disbelief to a place where my (and hopefully, anyone’s) imagination fills in the gaps. There are moments lost in time when I can feel the ship rolling in the waves and smell the fresh breeze seasoned with brine. After spending many, many days coursing through the waters, there is a real joy and fulfillment when peering through the spyglass reveals a shoreline or harbor, pronouncing we have arrived!

Join with me now as we attempt to follow the famous routes of vessels real and imagined. We will find our genesis in the voyages of the Nautilus, but then maybe the passages of the Gjoa, Beagle, Pilgrim, We’re Here, Snark or the Santa Maria. Who knows where our crossings will take us? So join with me, my X.O., Mr. Dingle, Mr. Spencer, our navigator, Mr. Chart as well as our capable First Mate, Otto and the gallant crew as we venture to lands known and unknown through raging storms and gentle, fresh breezes until we find all that we seek!

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